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History in the making:


In 1972 a television series was made that was so gritty, emotional and hard-hitting that it changed the way we viewed the world, forever...

Famous for its edgy plotting, iconic characterisation and uncompromising view on crime, it stands among the most influential series in American television history.

Making and losing a fortune in its lifetime, SHIELDS OF JUSTICE™ is also remembered for its uniquely cataclysmic death - falling from immense grace in a single night of flames, jealousy and anger.

Overshadowed by severe copyright issues and the loss of all original stock, the SHIELDS OF JUSTICE™ legacy was almost entirely erased from history.

Until now...


The Birth Of A Nation:


Tilsbury Studios 1940


The story of Shields Of Justice began on the eve of Christmas 1968, when a retired lentil farmer named, Grape Bowden walked into Tilbury Studios and demanded to see the head of scheduling.

The manuscript he brought with him was named simply ‘Justice.’

Grape had left his home in the wetlands of Louisiana, travelling on foot and on bike for nearly two weeks to reach the studio.

The manuscript he had written was based on a dream, but in truth it had only brought him nightmares.

The script was so good that several of people who had read it committed suicide soon after - troubled by the thought that it may never reach their screens. This in turn caused the mud people that were native to his home state to revolt, burning down his shack in an attempt to destroy the screenplay.

They had also murdered a pig.

Grape escaped with his life and hurried to the city of L.A. Demanding to see Tilsbury Executive Eli 'The Bastard' Caesar - one of the most uncompromising producers in all of Hollywood's history.

It wasn't until Grape threatened the staff with a shotgun that an interview was arranged.

Eli came down from the studio Christmas party and met with Grape in a darkened drawing room - he read the manuscript in silence before writing Grape a cheque for $20,000 - What Eli referred to as 'f##k off money'.

He told Grape that he had to leave the premises immediately or he would have him arrested for attempted murder (whilst over-excited, Grape shot a hole in Eli's Executive wingback chair).

Grape rose and left without another word, his shotgun still laid on Eli's desk - an artifact that would come into play during Tilsbury's darkest hours.

No one knows what happened to Grape Bowden - he never returned to Louisiana and no body was ever recovered. The cheque he had taken was never cashed, and this beautiful stranger had departed as quickly as he had arrived.

Some said that Eli had mob ties, that assured Grape's disappearance. Still, and to this day, Grape Bowden remains one of countless unsolved crimes in the City Of Angels.




Work commenced at the start of 1969 and Eli met with several trusted colleagues in one of Tilsbury's secret board rooms. The project's name was changed to 'America' and it was only spoken of in hushed tones.

The truth was that Tilsbury Studios was in decline. Their last season of the 60's detective show; 'Midget Gumshoe' had been a flop - without a surefire hit, they were bound for bankruptcy.

Midget Gumshoe Novel cover

It was unknown exactly what went on in those meetings, but between the summer of '69 and the spring of '71 - Tilsbury closed its doors to the public.

Most believed the building to be derelict and no one seemed to notice the increasing traffic of builders and carpenters that frequented the semi-abandoned lots.

To all intended purposes Tilsbury Studios was dead at last.

But in truth, the phoenix was about to rise again...



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