Shields Of Justice

What Is Shields Of Justice?


Shields Of Justice is a no-budget feature length comedy, written and conceived by independent filmmakers - Tom Hutchings and Ben Tallamy.

Drawing inspiration from many sources, the film is a pastiche of classic shows such as Dragnet and Starsky And Hutch. Lampooning the fast-paced snap-talk and over-the-top action that we now associate with the genre.

Shot on location in the southwest of England – each scene was meticulously dressed and populated to be representative of the American metropolis, Patriot City – circa 1978.

Once completed, the film will be marketed as a restored two-part episode, from the mythological series of the same name that disappeared from our screens in 1979.


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The Production


Entirely self-funded and produced on a shoe string budget of less than £5,000 – Shields Of Justice was written and directed by childhood friends Ben Tallamy and Tom Hutchings – two filmmakers from Exeter.

Together, and with the help of their mutual friends Jonty and Claire Depp – the shields of justice project went into production in 2009.  Since then has had the support and enthusiasm of many local actors and businesses.

Set in the fictional metropolis of Patriot City, circa 1978 – the team went to great lengths to recreate the era and setting.   All costumes and props were sourced or built by the team with a meticulous attention to detail – recreating the look and feel of a long established TV show. 

In order to enhance the world that the film inhabits, hours of work went into the back story of the fictional series the film is based around - character arcs and setpiece events were written, adding depth and weight to the project.

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CK gun


The Plot

After the brutal killing of retired officer Doyle O’Flannegan the Patriot City Police Department is in tatters – rendered impotent by the approaching cop-ocalypse that is the demented uber-villain Cop Killa.

The only two cops fearless enough to save the day are unstoppable heroes - Crash and Burn.

With the help of the Patriot City Police Force, they must piece together the clues that will reveal the identity of this killer - giving them the opportunity to deliver a righteous prescription of justice love and freedom fire to evil doers everywhere!

Together they a beacon of unity - two proud knights, stood against a tide of unquenchable darkness, two warriors, locked in an endless battle.

Together they are; SHIELDS OF JUSTICE.


C&B ruined PCPD


The Mythology


In order to construct the Shields Of Justice universe, a whole catalogue of articles, backstories and images have been created to illustrate the climatic history of the fictional series on which the film is based.

We are constantly adding 're-emerging' archive footage and merchandise to these lists, so please take a look.


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