Chief M. Rappappaport:


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Full Name: Chief M. Rappappaport

Date Of Birth: 02/09/1910

Height: 8'3"

Occupation: Chief Of Police

Alignment: Lawful Good

Next Of Kin: Lucrecia Rappappaport (Sister)

Known Associates: Sebastian E. Crash, Rodrigo Umlaut Burn, Doyle O'Flannegan, Lieutenant Biscotti, Militia Malone, Heimlich MacFrankenhauser

Distinguishing Features: Trademark Beard, Commanding Voice, Imposing Stature, Bald Head

Hobbies: Amateur Distillery, History
Of American Whiskey, Target Shooting, Collecting War Memorabilia, Hunting, Public Speaking

Favourite Food: Banana Bread, Whiskey


Basic Bio:


Chief Rappappaport is the hard-headed master and commander of Patriot City's Police Force.

Fuelled by a hate of crime and love of Bourbon, it is his sworn oath to protect the good people of his fair city.


Back Story:


The Patriot City Police Department would crumble without its Chief of Police.

Captain M. Rappappaport is a fierce, battle-hardened soldier in the fight against crime. He has served the PCPD since the mid fifties and was one of the founding members of the 'Super Cop' initiative.

A world weary, alcoholic and political tactician, Rappappaport regrets not being as young and heroic as he used to be. After a serious hip injury (sustained in the line of duty whilst stopping a randy bull) Rappappaport works mainly from his office, doing his best to keep his soldiers strong in their fight against evil.

A veteran of the Vietnam Conflict, Rappappaport served eight tours of duty and was honorably discharged in 1972.

Standing at least two feet taller than everyone else in his unit, Rappappaport was a prime target for snipers - in his service he went through nearly seventy-five helmets, all peppered and destroyed by gunfire.

Now, with his military life behind him, Rappappaport enjoys target shooting in his free time and coaches the Patriot City little league baseball team at weekends.

He plans to spend his retirement years running a whiskey distillery - for which he has already made countless plans.

Aided by his ever-faithful PA, Jeanine - Rappappapport keeps his two golden boys, Crash and Burn in hard check. Always pushing them to do better, he takes pleasure in seeing them lead the life he once had.

As his close personal friend Richard Nixon once said to him - "I like doughnuts, every American does. But if doughnuts were pure, concentrated evil, would I eat them? I don't think I would."

Rappappaport has always lived by those words and continues to do so, even to this day.


duke palmer

Chief Rappappaport is played by Duke Palmer