The Justice Mobile:


justice mobile


Full Name: Justice Mobile MkIII

Date of Birth: 12/04/1977 (Original Justice Mobile was customised in 1968)

Engine: 260 cu in (4.3 L) V8

Length: 151.5 in (3,848 mm)

Width: 61 in (1,549 mm)

Height: 49 in (1,245 mm)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Next Of Kin: Ronald Quince (Inventor), Sebastian E. Crash, Rodrigo Umlaut Burn

Known Associates: Sebastian E. Crash, Rodrigo Umlaut Burn, Chief M. Rappappaport, Doyle O'Flannegan, Lieutenant Biscotti, Militia Malone, Heimlich MacFrankenhauser

Distinguishing Features: Twin Machine Guns concealed in wings, Rear Bumper Grappling Hook, Field Radio, Ejector Seats With Recovery Equipment, Bi-Weave Armour Plating, FISK TECH RPM 464 - A Rocket Launcher Concealed In Trunk.

Favourite Food: Madison 4 Star Petrol


Basic Bio:


The Justice Mobile is the nick name for Crash and Burn's customised AC Cobra, which features as their default mode of transport around Patriot City.


Back Story:


When Shields of Justice first began, little thought was given to Crash and Burn's transport requirements.

The first season featured the dynamic duo travelling around Patriot City in a standard issue black Dodge - a choice that ensured the series stayed within Tilsbury budgets.

After the meteoric success of the first season, Tilsbury Productions was forced to rethink the use of transport in Shields of Justice though and soon the decision was made to provide Crash and Burn with a faster, sleeker means of transport.

The Mid-Season 2 episode, 'Rappappaport's Gambit' featured the first reveal of the Justice Mobile and closed with the now legendary Rappappaport line: “Supercops don’t walk.”

The origin of the Justice Mobile was that the PCPD had been approached by mad-cap English Inventor, Ronald Quince, formerly of MI6.

His plan was to convert an English racing car into a state of the art, gadget ridden crime-fighting-super-car.
The first Justice Mobile featured heavily in the remaining episodes of Season Two and proved to be a massive hit with audiences.

The crisp blue paint, with central white lines became another iconic element of the show and within its first two episodes, audiences were awed by the secret gadgets beneath her hood.

Something that was copied by the (largely inferior) James Bond franchise.



When a thieving Circus Performer tried to steal the Justice Mobile in 'Circus Folk!' Crash used a hidden disabling device to trap the fiend in a web of orange goo.

Also in, 'Nancy Ramblers' Burn used the diving apparatus hidden in its trunk to sneak onto Fisk Island for the Season 2 finale.

Throughout the following two seasons the Justice Mobile was relied upon heavily by Crash and Burn and received countless injuries and upgrades.

In the Season 3 episode 'Backstreet Hammerboy Beatdown!' Burn famously flipped a switch on the Justice Mobile dashboard, which converted the passenger seat into a fast pursuit motorbike and ejected it onto the road with Crash aboard.

This allowed Burn to pursue one group of maniac newspaper sellers, while Crash could pursue the others, in what became one of the most famous and loved chase sequences in television history.

The fast pursuit motor bike was nicknamed 'Freedom Bike' by fans but was sadly never used again in the series as it interfered with government campaigns to encourage people to wear helmets while riding motorbikes.

Another notable appearance of the Justice Mobile was in the Season 3 Finale 'Liberty Song' the climax of which saw the Justice Mobile plunge over a cliff and plummet into Nixon Bay, after automatically ejecting Crash and Burn - who floated safely to an awaiting police boat on parachutes.



In the following Season there was a new Justice Mobile, The Justice Mobile MkII, with all new hidden surprises, including twin machine guns that sprang up out of the wings in the episode 'Psycho Barber Shop' and a bumper mounted grappling hook, which was to snare a perp in 'Dope Pushing Racists!'

The MkII was soon to fall prey to the new style of television which the producers were attempting to bring to the screens in Season 5 aka 36 Hours to Madness.

In the episode 'Steakhouse of Pain', which is known collectively by fans as the least popular of all episodes ever aired, the Justice Mobile was smashed to pieces by a psychotic gang of hitmen posing as butchers.

Crash was forced to watch the destruction of the beloved car, before the gang turned their attentions on him, leading to him become imprisoned by his own device.

The following sequence featured Crash escaping through a sea-park - coining the phrase, to 'jump the shark'.


Final Grace:

When the producers realised the serious error that was Season 5, they knew the Justice Mobile would have to return in Season 6.

It was written that whilst hospitalized, Crash spent some of his time making notes on modifications and upgrades required for the MkIII car. This is one of the few references to the previous season.

A scan of the original blueprint prop seen in "Justice Wind"

The new car, had no white stripe down the centre and was missing the twin side exhausts.

This time though it was more laden with gadgets and convenient technology than ever before.

The Justice Mobile continued to be a hit with fans throughout the rest of the series history but would never reach the peak of popularity it received towards the end of season 4.

To this day, the most popular paint scheme for AC Cobras is vibrant blue with twin white stripes down the middle.

A reference to such unforgettable moments as Crash delivering the President's daughter to her plane at the end of 'Kidnapped!', and Burn disguising the Justice Mobile whilst undercover as a pimp in the season 2 episode 'Beautiful Hooker!'