Doctor Heimlich



Heimlich Macfrankenhauser

Full Name: Heimlich MacFrankenhauser

Date of Birth: 26/10/1946

Height: 6’1"

Occupation: Coroner

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Next Of Kin: Daley MacFunk (Uncle)

Known Associates: Sebastian E. Crash, Rodrigo Umlaut Burn, Chief M. Rappappaport, Doyle O'Flannegan, Lieutenant Biscotti, Militia Malone,

Distinguishing Features: German/Scottish Accent, Glasses

Hobbies: Chemical Analysis, Rollerblading, Renaissance Fairs, Taxidermy

Favourite Food: Schnitzel Hot Pot, Brandy

Basic Bio:


Dr. Heimlich MacFrankenhauser is the PCPD's head coroner.

He is often early on the scene of most homicides and his abrasive demeanor is a constant source of friction between himself and Super Cop; Sebastian E. Crash.

Despite this, he is a trusted member of the PCPD.


Back Story:

Dr. Heimlich MacFrankenhauser is an intelligent and brittle Coroner of German/Scottish descent. Keen on his job and a stickler for a clean laboratory, MacFrankenhauser is an integral part of the PCPD force.

His relationship with Crash and Burn is an uneven one. During the case of the killer clowns (Season 2 Episode 7) Heimlich was kidnapped by Gaspar Gonzales and Crash chose to save a coach load of trainee nurses over the life of his old colleague Doctor MacFrankenhauser.

Luckily the good doctor escaped (with the help of a tenacious pigeon called Jeffery) and managed to scale the side of Patriot Observatory, signalling help from a nearby helicopter.

Even though everyone knew that Crash made the right decision, the two of them seem unable to forgive each other.

They often bicker needlessly, fighting despite the fact that they both hold the deepest of respect for each other.

MacFrankenhauser is usually found in the murky depths of Patriot City Morgue or the PCPD Crime Lab.

Crash and Burn often refer to him when they require a scientific, if slightly prejudiced opinion.


christopher ford

Heimlich MacFrankenhauser is played by Chris Ford