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the project

Shields of justice is an original feature-length comedy, written and directed by independent filmmakers, Tom Hutchings and Benjamin Akira Tallamy.

Shot on a shoe-string budget of less than £2,000 and featuring a colourful cast of emerging talent, the film is a quirky pastiche of classic cop shows such as CHiPs and Starsky and Hutch.

Envisioned as a remastered ‘lost’ series from the seventies, the film draws on a wealth of material from the era, lampooning the clean cut morality and unrelenting patriotism of series like Dragnet whilst toying with clichés and stereotypes of the genre.

the plot

America. 1978.

Supercops; Crash and Burn are at the height of their game, making busts and crushing crime. 

That is until the brutal murder of a legendary police officer, Doyle O’Flannegan leaves Patriot City Police Department in ruin.

Now, hot on the trail of the demented uber-villain 'Cop Killa', the duo must face insurmountable odds, battling through the Patriot City underworld – ninjas, pirates and even the Vietnam War.

Justice Is Coming.

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