Relics Of Justice:


In 1979, Shields Of Justice Not only disappeared from our screens, but also from our shelves.

In a massive withdrawl of stock and merchandise, the Shields Of Justice franchise was destroyed just as quickly as it had begun (see Fall Of Justice).

In the years that followed, Eli Caesar's estate bought up and destroyed any related items that could be found - paying extortionate amounts for many of the articles.

Below is a gallery of the few surviving articles that could be found. It is our hope that in time more people will come forward and share information about these lost wonders of the modern world.

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Shields Of Justice pin badge 70mm 1974-1978

This photograph was kindly sent in by a Mr Derek Molar



Shields Of Justice Steel Lunchbox 1977


shields lunchbox

Thanks to Jerry (Shields Of Justice Fan) for this photo.



The Production

The Original Series

The Characters

Gaspar Gonzales

"It’s that damn Yankee man who broke our submarine. Let’s get out our hitty sticks and pound him into nothingness, whilst I shoots him in the melon!"