Marty McFeathers:




Full Name: Marty McFeathers

Date Of Birth: 17/06/1951

Height: 5'11"

Occupation: Mail Man (Formerly a plumber)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Next Of Kin: Mandy McFeathers (Wife), Michael McFeathers (Son), Mark Mcfeathers (Son), Melissa McFeathers (Daughter)

Known Associates: Sebastian E. Crash, Rodrigo Umlaut Burn, Chief M. Rappappaport, Jerry The Doughnut Selling Mime Guy, Hieronymus Fink, Gaspar Gonzales

Distinguishing Features: Bushy sideburns, innocent smile

Hobbies: Playing Baseball With His Two Sons, Sailing With His Daughter, Collecting Paper Clips, Helping People

Favourite Food: Turkey, white wine


Basic Bio:


Marty McFeathers is the PCPD's top informant, though no one knows why.

It is purely coincidence that he is able to help with any investigations for in truth, Marty McFeathers is a humble mail clerk and has never broken a law in his life.


Back Story:


Marty McFeathers is a genuine, honest, salt of the Earth American. He has never done anything to anyone and would never hurt a fly.

For some reason though Marty is also Patriot City's top snitch and Crash and Burn's conduit to solving many a crime.

It is unclear how Marty gets his information but on average he spends 85% of his time being ferried back and forth by various departments of the PCPD. At any one time, Marty more often than not will have several conflicting cases naming him as their prime suspect.

In truth, Marty is a humble mail man, terrified by the constant surveillance his life has come under.

By the start of season 7, Marty had been married, divorced, employed and fired - all because of his constant run ins with the law.

By the end of Season 7, Marty was destitute and living on the streets of Patriot City - something that many fans felt was unfair.

Because of this, writers included Marty in an important arc to season 8 - one which saw him not only clear his name, but reunite with his family and become firm friends with the series main characters.

Sadly this season was never aired, and so fans were never able to watch Marty reclaim everything he had lost.


chris mason

Marty McFeathers is played by Chris Mason