29th January 2013


Almost scared to say it is so - but after three long years, we are wrapped!

chief and mcfrankenhauser

Vietnam Complete!

7th January 2013


They said it couldn't be done, but we have completed our ambitious Vietnam War sequence. It's a twenty minute long scene and is probably the only Vietnam War sequence to be shot entirely in Devon!

The Chopper!

4th January 2013


Thanks to Weston Supermare Helicopter Museum for letting us use their Huey - a helicopter which actually served in the Vietnam war and was shot down twice!

The Helicopter Museum!


Green Screening!

3rd January 2013


Thanks to the folk at the Phoenix Digital for the space in their black box. Had a fine day green screening!

Phoenix Digital!


New Prop blog Up!

12th Febuary 2012


Cop Killa's props blog is now up.

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New blog up!

23rd Febuary 2012


Crime scene props blog and Jefferson Jo Jo blogs now up!

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Curio Pictures!

19th Febuary 2012


Shields Of Justice is now beneath the banner of Curio Pictures!

Opening shoot complete!

13th Febuary 2012


Thanks to the wondrous people at UCZ paintball we have now shot the opening to the film, as Crash and Burn infiltrate Bubba McBain's drug den

UCZ Paintball!


New Prop blog Up!

12th Febuary 2012


Cop Killa's props blog is now up.

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New Costume blog Up!

5th Febuary 2012


Crash's Costume info is now up.

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New production blog Up!

24th January 2012


The Chief's office, set info is now up.

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Nearly there!

15th November 2011


Planning release date TBC!


Teaser Trailer Up!

29th September 2011


The official teaser is now out.

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Behind The Scenes Pics!

18th September 2011


We have just put up a separate gallery for behind the scenes pictures.

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More Tasty Updates


20th July 2011


That's right, watch this space...the website is up but ever changing.

Clips are on their way!



The History Of Shields!

10th July 2011


Finally now you can visit the Shield Of Justice archives and learn the true story of the Shields Of Justice franchise and it's terrible demise.

Go here: Shields Of Justice - to begin the journey!



Website lives at last!

4th July 2011


Bursting from the blackened depths of metaphysical hell, the Shields Of Justice Website is alive at last!

We hope you will enjoy cruising the newly forged streets of this glorious empire.

Remember to bookmark us and tell your friends - Justice-love is all you need!