Sebastian E. Crash:


Sebastian E. Crash


Full Name: Sebastian E. Crash

Date Of Birth: 04/07/1946

Height: 5'8"

Occupation: Super Cop

Alignment: Lawful Good

Next Of Kin: Deceased

Known Associates: Rodrigo Umlaut Burn, Chief M. Rappappaport, Doyle O'Flannegan, Lieutenant Biscotti, Militia Malone, Heimlich MacFrankenhauser

Distinguishing Features: Trademark haircut, Police Issue Sideburns, All American Smile

Hobbies: Hunting, Racing, American Football, Target Shooting, Fishing, Volleyball

Favourite Food: Apple Pie and a cold bottle of Liberty Star


Basic Bio:


Sebastian E. Crash is one of Patriot City's elite Super Cops. With the help of his long time friend and partner Rodrigo Burn, they have brought over 534,243,000 perps to justice in their career.

Crash is fearless in his fight against crime, skilled in the arts of forensic deduction and outdoor survival. He is also a keen inventor and mechanic.


Back Story:


Sebastian E. Crash is the son of the famous general - Xavier Leaf-Phoenix Crash.

Xavier Crash was one of the first Americans to be accepted by the Cherokee Tank Regiment. His decisive victory during WW2's Operation Bagration, earned him many medals, as well as a crippling spleen injury.


Early Years:


Sebastian spent most of his childhood years playing volleyball in the golden sun of America's East Coast, obeying the law and volunteering for local charity work.

When he was old enough, his father enrolled him into his own military academy (the Xavier school for gifted teenagers - formerly Fort Denton.)

Crash excelled and quickly became their finest student - mastering almost every combat art known to man. He also broke seven world records, amongst one of which was the longest unaimed thrown projectile (Crash threw an unconscious monkey 3.2 Kilometers, whilst protecting a friend.)

It was at this time that his father decided to single handedly take on the newly formed Fandango Crime Syndicate. Whilst on a camping trip, Scorpion Fandango challenged Xavier to a duel, and the challenge was met.

In a defining moment, a young Sebastian Crash witnessed his father plunge into Reichenbach Falls with Fandango - never to be seen again.

The last words his father ever said to him were read from the instructions of their Vango Frame Tent: "All things are prone to tension but a solid frame will survive the strongest winds." Crash never forgot that lesson.


Covert Ops:

Sebastian was invited to join an elite, highly efficient, super under-cover ultra-fighting unit (or E.H.E.S.U.C.U.F.U)

Glad to put his past behind him, Crash went on his first tour of duty in deepest Cambodia, and it was there that he met his childhood sweetheart and first wife-to-be Lulu Macadamia; a Swedish agent.

Knowing that they wouldn't be permitted to stay together, they married in secret, but tragedy struck when one of Fandango's assassins (disguised as a priest) murdered her at the altar.


Spiritual Healing:


Once his tears had dried, Sebastian E. Crash embarked on a two year journey of self discovery and enlightenment. He travelled the world immersing himself in every form of religion and philosophy he could find.

It was there that he met his second wife-to-be; April Love - a reporter, studying the intense practices of the Winnebago Monks.

Tragedy struck again though, and on the day of their wedding, a one-armed assassin burst from the cake - killing her with a flamethrower.

Crash dispatched the assailant at once, but it was too late. All he knew was that Fandango had found him once more.

Returning to America he swore to put his military life behind him and to instead commit himself to destroying his arch nemesis; Scorpion Fandango.


Shields Of Justice:


He bought a one-way ticket to Patriot City; one of the most lawless places in America and home to the Fandango Crime Syndicate.

It was there, on the bus into town that he met Rodrigo Burn - another young man on a quest for justice.

At first the two didn't get on, but when the bus was hijacked by a group of renegade midgets, they had no choice but to cooperate.

One man witnessed the heroic act, and decided to bring them in to Patriot City's Police Force - that man was Doyle O'Flannegan.

Throughout his new life as a PCPD officer, Crash remarried two more times.

Each time though, tragedy has struck - both murdered at the altar by Fandango's goons (one poisoned by a assassin/chef, the other by a knife wielding nun.)

Crash will never stop fighting for justice and he will never forget his four wives - wearing their rings as a memento around his neck.

One day, Fandango will pay.

Tom Hutchings

Sebastian E. Crash is played by Tom Hutchings