The Original Series


Below is a comprehensive list of episodes from the original series Shields Of Justice.

The season six finale 'the devil wears beige' still holds the record as the highest grossing broadcast ever. In 1978 when it was aired, nearly eighty-seven percent of Americans tuned in. Chaos even ensued across the country as even emergency service operators refused to work during the forty-five minute broadcast.

Episodes marked with * are currently being restored from the archives.

Season One

World gone Mad! [pilot]
Drug Trafficking Mexicans!
Narcotics Sting Nightmare!
Used Car Lot Hold –Up Blues
Drugs in Your Momma!
Stab Victim
Vengeful Rapist Collector!
Fandango pt 1 – Icebreaker
Fandango pt 2 – Jawbreaker
Jailbreak Cougars

Season 2

Back on the Block!
Bad Parent
Beautiful Hooker!
Disappointed Childhood
Rappappaport’s Gambit!
Bum Deal!
Circus Folk!
Jesus Don’t Do Drugs
Crooked Doctor
Nancy Ramblers!

Season 3

Freedom Fire
Hangman Dangle *
Carnie Slave Traders!
The Hero of Saigon
Backstreet Hammerboy Beatdown!
Boo-Bar Says “No”
Bad Mannered Landlord
Kid Who’s Dream goes Wrong and Makes a Bad Mistake!
Biscotti Loses His Pencil!
Liberty Song

Season 4

Fists of the Patriots!
Malone’s Bad Hair Day
Chinese Burn!
Psycho Barber Shop
Violinist Murderer
Playground Predator!
McFeathers Plucked!
Kidnapped! *
Dope Pushing Racists!
Fandango Dances

Season 5 – 36 Hours to Madness

The Law Ain’t Wrong!
Slit Decision
Jail Bait!
Between a Rock and a Fist
Maritime Stakeout
Steakhouse of Pain!
Crippled by the Hun
Nazi War Criminal!
Patronising Paedophile!
Fingers of the Fisk!

Season 6

Justice Wind
Frozen People!
Day at the Races
Back Door!
Biker Bitch Kidnap!
Nixon’s OK!
Invasive invasion
Birds and the Bees
Time to Bleed
Pay the Piper!
Festidious Phantom Farmer
Cop Killa!*
The Devil Wears Beige*

Season 7

It Makes Them Sick!
Jilted Bride!
Poisoned Bagel!
Exploding Nuns Of Fury!
Bomb Scare!
Badly Motivated Juror
Showdown on Highway 48!
Polish Pickpocket!
They Came from the Clouds
Mechanical Machine!

Season 8

These Streets
Tabloid Journalist!
Cowboy Dope Fiend
All the King’s Horses
Cutthroat Dog Thief
Bad Teeth
Steakhouse Stakeout
Fandango’s Dance
Sting of the Scorpion
Parting of the Ways