Cop Killa:


cop killa

Full Name: Cop Killa (true identity unknown)

Date Of Birth: Unknown

Height: 6'0"

Occupation: Cop Killer

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Next Of Kin: Unknown

Known Associates: Unknown

Distinguishing Features: Gold Teeth, Beige Raincoat, Evil Laugh, Negative Strings In The Lightwaves, Villainous Moustache

Hobbies: Killing Cops

Favourite Food: Kumquats


Basic Bio:


Not much is known about the insane super villain Cop Killa.

He appeared in Patriot City shortly after the murder of Doyle O'Flannegan and was the first and only suspect in the investigation.

Cop Killa's dream is to rid the world of all order and goodness.

Back Story:


Cop Killa featured in the popular two-part storyline that finished Season 6 - 'Cop Killa!' and 'The Devil Wears Beige'.

The two-parter pioneered new televisual techniques such as 'broadscreen' and 5.1 'Around Sound' - which was later copied by Dolby.

This gun-toting super villain was so loved by the public, that it inspired a grim series of copycat murders in Colorado and Texas.

Police spokesman Lt. Ellis McLintock said at the time; 'we don't condone this sort of thing, but Cop Killa was a fantastic character...a really top notch bad guy.'

The second of the two episodes (The Devil Wears Beige) drew nearly 200 million viewers - over 87% of the population!

Chaos ensued as even emergency service operators refused to work during the forty-five minute broadcast which still holds the world record today as one of the highest grossing broadcasts of all time - drawing more viewers worldwide than the moon landings, the rumble in the jungle and Michael Jackson's funeral, all put together!

Not much is known about the back story of Cop Killa.

Armed with a modified Russian prototype super-cannon, Cop Killa appears in Patriot City with the sole intention of destroying all cops, the world over.

In a particularly moving scene, he murders legendary policeman Doyle O'Flannegan - killing him on the night of his retirement.

Although now a lost episode, Cop Killa returned in the Season 7 episode 'They Came From The Clouds' - reanimated by an ancient Voodoo curse.


jonty fisk

Cop Killa is played by Jonty Depp