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Justice Land


In 1976, alongside the release of Season 4 of the series, a $37,000,000 project to build a Shields Of Justice themed park finally neared completion.

On July the 4th, the anniversary of the first airing of the series - Rock Murphy and Stryke Elkins attended the grand opening.

Together they opened what would be the world's most successful theme park, grossing more money in three years than Disneyland ever did in two decades.




The park featured many exciting rides such as 'Biscotti's Pencil', 'Rappappaport's Big Desk' and the ever-popular Parole-a-coaster' - which at just over seven miles in length, was the largest in the world.



The coaster was altered in 1977, removing the notorious 'S' bend which delivered a deadly 2,000 CFs to the ride as it rounded each corner.

As a result many people were treated for severe whiplash and any children seated on the inside lane were often crushed to death by their parents.

Despite this, the ride still proved to be popular and by 1977, over 790,000 people had been through the ride, all permanently disabled by the experience.


Absence Of Mirth


Justice Land is sadly now committed only to memory. In 1979, with the death of the franchise - Justice Land closed forever.

It's merchandise was destroyed and many logos were blow torched from the sides of the vehicles, all left to rot behind closed doors.

As of 1994, the site was levelled to make way for a Taco Bell restaurant.

Now patrons eat poisonous garbage in ignorance, blind to the glory that lies buried beneath the floors of that fetid franchise.


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