Lieutenant Biscotti:


lieutenant biscotti



Full Name: Lieutenant Biscotti

Date Of Birth: 27/11/1953

Height: 5'10"

Occupation: Lieutenant In The PCPD

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Next Of Kin: Bernie Biscotti (Uncle)

Known Associates: Sebastian E. Crash, Chief M. Rappappaport, Doyle O'Flannegan, Lieutenant Biscotti, Militia Malone, Marty McFeathers, Heimlich MacFrankenhauser

Distinguishing Features: Rosy cheeks, Vacant Expression

Hobbies: Reading Comics, Eating Pancakes,Collecting Crash And Burn Memorabilia, Playing Cops And Robbers

Favourite Food: Cotton Candy, Pancakes, Milk


Basic Bio:


Lieutenant Biscotti is a dedicated but somewhat childish Police Officer.

A self appointed protégé of Crash and Burn, Biscotti is often involved in the day to day goings on in Patriot City Police Department.


Back Story:


Lieutenant Biscotti is a keen and loyal Police officer, desperate to prove himself to his heroes Crash and Burn.

Enrolling in the PCPD at a young age, Biscotti rose quickly through the ranks, accidentally uncovering a narcotics den on his first beat.

He is now a permanent fixture of Patriots City's Police Department, never actively cracking cases, but always eager to do so.

He is also a notable member of the Crash And Burn Official Fan Club - often working double shifts, just to afford the latest merchandise.

There are some at the PCPD who say that Lieutenant Biscotti has a child's mind, others think him smart and manipulative.

The truth is that Lieutenant Biscotti is a simple but honest American doing his best to clean up the crime ridden streets of Patriot City.

Though at first Crash and Burn found him confusing and annoying, over the years they have learnt to love this young officer.

Crash has even found himself taking on a paternal role, looking upon him as the younger brother he never wanted.


kristofor darby

Lieutenant Biscotti is played by Kristofor Darby.


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"They think I only made Lieutenant because my Dad’s cousin is the Police Commissioners’ Milkman’s favourite Nephew-in-law."