Rappappaport's Gambit!


The season two episode Rappappaport's gambit is notable in many ways, but mainly due to the first appearance of the Justice Mobile.

In this episode Chief Rappappaport takes a moment to confess to Crash and Burn his full knowledge of the "Supercop Initiative", a secret project founded by himself and three other high ranking police officials, including Doyle O'Flannegan.

Crash and Burn have already been enrolled, and their experience thus far in Patriot City had been a test of sorts to prove that they had what it takes to be a supercop.

At the end of the episode they are handed a small set of car keys and the first Justice Mobile was at last revealed.

Other notable moments in this episode include Burn using his world famous 'inward breathing technique' for the first time (a technique he uses to knock over a small carton of milk) as well as Crash kicking a man in the genitals, a move than Nixon said was: 'borderline un-American'.