Season Five:


'36 Hours to Madness'


japanese 36 hours to madness poster



36 Hours to madness aired in 1977 and was innovative in many ways.

For the first time in televisual history, the serialized events of the show unfolded in real time - taking place over a gruelling 36 hour case.

This season was a firm favourite of actor Donald Sutherland and it was his suggestions that led to his son making the popular (and largely inferior) '24' series.

In this season, Crash and Burn were forced to face 'The Gas Man' - a insane villain who had placed timed bombs all over the city (this storyline was also the basis for the third (and largely inferior) Die Hard film.

This season pushed characters to the edge - Militia Malone was kidnapped, Crash; tortured and hospitalised (after being held in a prison of his own device) and Burn suffered a mental breakdown after having to stay awake for over twelve hours.

Test audiences for the 36 hour season were left traumatized and many had to be treated for fatigue, dehydration and eye strain.

As innovative as the season was though - fans did not enjoy the darker elements of the show and many were left, suffering from an overwhelming sense of worthlessness.

At present some damaged betamax recordings remain of early TV promos.


Episode List For Season 5:


The Law Ain’t Wrong!
Slit Decision
Jail Bait!
Between a Rock and a Fist
Maritime Stakeout
Steakhouse of Pain!
Crippled by the Hun
Nazi War Criminal!
Patronising Paedophile!
Fingers of the Fisk!

Notable lines:

"Either those trousers go, or I go!" - Burn (when confronted with a trouser bomb)

"The Gas Man is smart, maybe too smart...that could be his weakness, one we'll surely use against him." - Crash

"Orphans...I saw the black, burnt bodies of orphans! What kind of man, could do such a thing?" - Militia Malone



'Thirty Six hours of tension, thirty six hours of fear, unbroken and unedited. Thirty six hours of Shields of Justice in twenty-five, forty minute episodes!'